Our Horses and Ponies

Scroll down to meet each of our horses and ponies, read a little about them, and if you like, choose one to support through our easy sponsorship scheme


Our lazy teenager!

Although 16 years old, he is still by far our youngest! Hamish is a dark bay New Forest Pony. Standing a good 14.2 hh, he is on the larger side for his breed. Hamish has gradually learnt his therapy role which was a whole new experience for him. He is now qualified in where he can and can’t stick his big nose!


Our pretty Icelandic lady!

Mouse is a 22 year old, 13 hh Icelandic horse (not to be called a pony!) She is a beautiful blue dunn in colour. Her field companion is Hamish. Mouse is a very cuddly horse and likes to get up close and personal! Icelandic horses have a number of traits that are peculiar to them, like an additional gait (form of movement). She is great fun!


Our yard dollop!

Levi is a 22 year old Irish Cob. He is 14.2 hh and is skewbald in colour. He is big brother to Toffee and they always graze together. Levi has one brown eye and one blue eye which is very fetching. Levi tries to play hard to get but he’s not very good at it!


Our little Tinkerbell!

Toffee is a 31 year old New Forest Pony. She is 12.2 hh and is Chestnut in colour. She adores her brother Levi. Toffee is her own woman and does pretty much as she pleases, but is always very well-mannered about it! She’s a very athletic little pony for her age.


Catch me if you can!

Delta is a very handsome, 15.2hh Welsh Section D. He is bay in colour and 22 years old. Delta is not too sure what he makes of life! He does however love giving big sloppy kisses (when you can catch him!)


Our Angelina Jolie!

With long slim legs and a beautiful pout, Tasha certainly is a pretty Arab mare! She is bright bay, 15hh and still stunning at 30 years old. An incredibly well behaved horse for her size and breed, Tasha does have one vice; she is addicted to bananas!


I think I’m human!

Honey is an amazing 35 years old and still one of our top therapy ponies. She is a chestnut Welsh x Arab mare and 14.1hh. Here she is receiving her award from the Mayor for her services to the people of the District of Winchester!


The yard matriach!

Bracken is a dark bay Shetland pony standing at 11,2hh. She is an unbeleivable 43 YEARS OLD!! and still going strong! She lives with her best friend Gemma, and she still leads us a merry dance when we want to catch her!


Another golden oldie!

Gemma is also doing oustandingly well at 35 years old. She is an Arab x Welsh mare standing 14.1 hh, with beautiful blue eyes. Gemma has probably the most facial expressions of any of our horses!


Our Posh Spice!

A true Argentinian beauty, Mimada (Mimi) came to us following her days playing polo in the Army. She is dark bay, 15.2hh and doing grand at 33 years old. Mimi likes her own space and when she first arrived she thought we were all below her!


True to his name!

He may be small, but he is fierce! Marmite is dark bay and a Shetland Pony x Tasmanian Devil?! 22 years old, he stands at just 12.1hh but thinks he is much, much bigger!

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