‘Me Time’ with the Horses

Equine Based Wellbeing Therapy

Aim:  To understand self-care and wellbeing through the care of our gentle herd of horses and ponies.

Objectives include:

Personal health and condition management – many of our horses have pre-existing, long term health conditions, not dissimilar to ones us humans experience.  Seeing how we manage these in horses can help people consider their own support needs and long term condition management.

Considering our environment – where and how we live has a big effect on our health and it’s good to think about how we co-habitat with others in our homes and our communities. Horses live in herds and can share some top tips!

Feeling safe and secure – ensuring our basic needs are met, especially when we are feeling vulnerable, to help us build robust and sustainable wellbeing.

Growing in confidence and self-worth – many people meet horses for the first time and have really positive responses to being with them, gaining confidence and pleasure around them.  A feeling of self-worth comes from contributing to their care too and knowing it is a mutually beneficial experience.

By appointment. Sessions will recommence in Spring 2023.

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