Snug Club (11-17)

A social prescription for children and young people who are:

  • Waiting to access CAMHS support;
  • Waiting to receive a diagnosis;
  • Have recently been diagnosed and looking for next steps

With an element of counselling included alongside, children and
young people are helped to explore where they are at along their
mental health journey. Each will be supported to understand their
feelings and why they possibly engage in things like risky behaviour
or disassociate. Socialising together as a small group enables them to
access important peer to peer interactions they could be missing
through not attending school regularly or other social activities.

Our nature based activities take place from a countryside venue called The
Snug, a cozy, converted Victorian Granary. This project is like a club,
allowing the children and young people to be involved in running the
sessions and choice of activities. This encourages self-worth and confidence.

Activities are many and varied, based on a countryside and nature theme, and most usually relevant to the season. Some examples being we paint horse shoes, make dream catchers, paint garden nightlight jars, make winter garlands, pick the berries and apples for preserves and even have a go at some easy to do aromatherapy.

Let’s do something together

Alternate Saturdays 12.30pm until 3.30pm

£10 per person per session including light refreshments & activity costs

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