Garden Club – Adults

A social group for anyone experiencing illness, injury or other trauma:

  • people receiving clinical treatment and wanting an activity alongside
  • people in recuperation (known as reablement)
  • people experiencing life changes following illness or injury, seeking a new social activity

Aim:  to gain self-care and wellbeing skills through the growing of produce and care of our therapy garden.

Objectives include:

  • Growth – learning about how things grow and develop and relating this to our own growth and development, particularly in challenging circumstances.
  • Understanding life changes – relating the garden’s seasonal changes and needs to our own as we make changes and decisions throughout key life occurences.
  • Exploring new skills – through finding hidden talent and raising new interest, people often discover a sense of direction when things have been difficult for them i.e. through experiencing illness, injury or trauma.
  • A feeling of accomplishment and achievement – all participants are able to enjoy the satisfaction of producing something from the garden, be it fresh produce, a preserve, floral arrangement or drying herbs. Achieving something makes us feel good!

Every Friday morning 09.30am to 12.30pm

£10 per person per session

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