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Group or family visit

Includes pony petting and games

Vicarage Lane Veteran Horses

1.5 hours

Up to 4 people £45.00

5 – 10 people £60.00

11+ please contact us for costs

Individual Visit

Includes pony petting

Vicarage Lane Veteran Horses

1 hour

£35 to include horse handler

Picnic with the ponies – bring your own food

Includes pony petting and games

Vicarage Lane Veteran Horses

2-3 hours

Up to 6 people £50 per hour

7 to 12 people £70  per hour

13+ please contact us for costs

Picnic with the ponies - catered

Vicarage Lane Veteran Horses

2-3 hours

As above plus catering quote and any related costs i.e. delivery

Thursday Pony Club

Vicarage Lane Veteran Horses

2 hours


£15 per person excludes any transport provided by HH

Helping Hooves Healthy Living Programme

Vicarage Lane Veteran Horses

2 hours for 6 weeks STARTS FEBRUARY 17

£90 per person. Usually £150 if booked after 28/2/17.

Country Arts & Crafts

To include all materials and light refreshments

The Snug

2.5 hours

£25 per person

Garden Club

To include light refreshments

The Snug

2.5 hours

£5 per person




Payment of activities required in advance please

Terms and Conditions

Our activities can be affected by weather conditions and/or the veterinary care needs of our animals.  Please note that these or other circumstances out of our control allows Helping Hooves the right to cancel or postpone activities as required. As much notice as possible will be given in such circumstances.

Whilst on site or undertaking any of our activities in the community, please wear appropriate clothing and foot wear.

Where necessary please ensure you have the correct mobility aids to hand to ensure greatest avoidance of trips and falls.

Whilst accessing our sites and activities Helping Hooves cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused to person or property.

Helping Hooves does not provide personal care and as such any participant requiring such support must have personal care in place.

Cancelation of attendance to be made as soon as possible. Some activities will require a non-returnable deposit or fee (most likely when we’ve outlaid cost ahead of the activity) – these fees will be made clear at time of booking.

Payment to be received before or on day of activity. We do not offer credit facilities.

Payments can be made via:

·         Cheque to Helping Hooves UK Ltd

·         In cash

·         Via BACS transfer 

We ask all participants remain vigilant and look out for their own and others safety.  Please listen carefully to any safety advice or announcements given by your session leader.

I agree to the above terms and conditions. I understand I am responsible for my own personal safety and of the safety of people in my care. I shall make Helping Hooves aware of any dietary, mobility, communication or other needs in advance of attendance.