The Helping Hooves Programme | Join a programme starting February 2017



Nature Therapy with our horses

If you fancy something a little more structured or you're wanting to work towards a personal health goal, we offer a six week healthy living programme. Aimed at supporting anyone irrespective of diagnosis or health issue, this fun and social course delivers a number of unexpected benefits besides living a healthier lifestyle. Often people make new friends - with the horses as well as with each other! 


Through helping to care for our medically retired horses who have similar care needs to ours, people can draw parallels with their own health, and improve their own self-care and condition management.

You don't need any previous horse experience what so ever!  

In fact most people totally surprise themselves with how naturally it all comes to them!

The Helping Hooves Programme runs for 2 hour sessions for six weeks. It is a rolling programme so you can join at any time.

It's great to have a little catch up with people before they start so we can help you define exactly what you want to achieve from being with us. 

Join us to reflect on your personal health and wellbeing needs, find inspiration and start to think about your own health and care more positively.



Join a Programme starting this Spring

The Programme resumes in February 2017 and is available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

There is a cost to the programme which we have endeavoured to keep as low as possible to ensure it is accessible by all. We are currently able to offer the programme at a reduced (part-funded) rate of £90 per person for the whole six sessions. It is usually £150 per person and this full price will need to resume from 1st March 2017. So, if you can, book early. We can accept Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and Disability Allowance (DA).

click here or email or call 01962 771441 for full details.