We believe in FUND raising!!



So here are some things you can do to help heart .....

A note from our Founder

Dear Friend - thank you so much for working your way through our website and finding yourself here at our virtual begging bowl!

You will know how miserable having a minor ailment can be, so I'm sure you can imagine being diagnosed with something serious - you don't need me to give a graphic account.

Being incapacitated is no laughing matter, yet they say laughter is the best medicine. We think so - and rest assured, all our beneficiaries at Helping Hooves whose days have been brightened by our mischievious horses, would want anyone supporting us to have as much fun and laughter as they do! Many people who receive our support come back to help others. Indeed, many people who haven't, also help - because they know someone who benefits from the work we and other invaluable organisations do.

We are so greatful for the support we receive, because we really can't do this by ourselves. 

We all know someone who has been struck down by illness in the blink of a poorly eye. Let's club together and do something special to help them feel better - thank you!

Abigail Withey, Founding Director and Psychosocial Services Lead 

The easiset thing to do is donate to our Local Giving page  

Donate quality saddles, bridles, rugs or rider wear that you no longer require and we can sell on to raise funds

Hold your own fund raising event on our behalf - at work, at school or in your community

Attend one of our events - visit our events page to see what's coming up

Spread the word!  Please tell other people about us 



Email:  hello@helpinghoovesuk.org

Call: 01962 771441 / 07842 709296